About Us

By focusing on the workplace sector, the PROTECT action will set ambitious, but tangible targets so as to contribute to a more inclusive, attractive and ultimately equal labour market across Europe via sequential steps that will deal with the construction of national and in turn transnational VET systems that promote equal opportunities on the basis of inclusive and accessible programs.

The Project

The workplace has changed significantly in recent times and keeps evolving in various ways, becoming more inclusive and flexible. However, women workers still face discrimination and harassment on many levels which compromises not only their performance but overall safety. PROTECT is an innovative project that aims to collaborate with employees and employers equally and generate discussions, new research and methodologies in order to promote a more inclusive, attractive and ultimately equal labor market across Europe for women.

Meet Our Partners

Cámara Badajoz

Founded in 1886, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Badajoz (Cámara Badajoz) is a Public Law Corporation established as a collaborative body of public governments. The Chamber’s mission is to represent, promote and defend the general interests of the economic structure in its region.

Diesis Network

In view of the high social, economic and ecological stakes, we are deeply convinced that a global commitment from all stakeholders and a collaborative approach is the only response to a global crisis. Therefore, we put great value on our 50+ member organisations in 20+ countries.

Hub for Innovation Policy

HIP specializes in designing and developing services for the society, the market and the economy , consulting and supporting a number of companies , public administrations and supranational institutions worldwide. 


As an accredited Vocational Education & Training provider, we focus on the development of training programmes that can empower small enterprises and their employees as well as  enhance the employment of people who are at the margin of society.

FyG Consultores

In FyG Consultores we truly believe in training as an instrument of a continuous improvement in general terms, yet when we speak of Internationalization this affirmation becomes an indispensible must.


IDEC is a management consulting, training (we train more than 300 adult trainers/year) and software development company based in Piraeus Greece, with 30+ years of experience in supporting our clients and collaborators. It is active in both the Greek and the transnational market. 

IUL online university

IUL online university was founded by Ministerial Decree of 2 December 2005, published in the official journal on 5 January 2006. It issues academic qualifications recognised by law in accordance with art. 3 of Ministerial Decree no. 509 of 3 November 1999 and subsequent amendments.


Symplexis is a Greek non-for-profit organization that strives to ensure equal opportunities for all through actions and measures that build skills, empower and promote active engagement and participation focusing on the most vulnerable categories of the population and particularly those with fewer opportunities.