Promoting the prevention and elimination of workplace mobbing and harrasment.

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Workshops involving local vocational education and training (VET) providers and companies can be a valuable way to bring together different stakeholders in a community to share knowledge, skills, and resources.

About Project

The workplace has changed significantly in recent times and keeps evolving in various ways, becoming more inclusive and flexible. However, women workers still face discrimination and harassment on many levels which compromises not only their performance but overall safety. PROTECT is an innovative project that aims to collaborate with employees and employers equally and generate discussions, new research and methodologies in order to promote a more inclusive, attractive and ultimately equal labor market across Europe for women.

This will lead to:

  • The creation of new, innovative and relevant training programmes.
  • The active and equal involvement of VET providers as well as industry
  • Increased awareness among female workers about their rights and options when it comes to protecting themselves
  • During its 24-month lifetime, PROTECT will directly and indirectly positively impact VET education providers, employers and women workers

    Developing comprehensive codes of conduct in the workplace to prevent mobbing and harassment 

    Educating employers/ managers and companies on how to adopt and implement anti mobbing and anti-harassment policies

    Raising the awareness of female workers about their rights and support options including reporting, in case they face discimination or harassment

    Training VET professionals on preventing and managing work-related violence


    PROTECT at a glance:

  • 3 transnational meetings (in Spain, Greece and Italy)
  • 6 multiplier events with at least 270 participants
  • 1 training program for VET professionals
  • 1 Code of Conduct for the prevention of mobbing and workplace harassment addressed at local businesses
  • 1 e-Handbook for the prevention of mobbing and harassment addressed at VET providers
  • 1 online reporting tool for female workers
  • Involvement of 5 mentors and 50 VET educators
  • Workshops involving local VET providers and companies
  • A collection of best practices, tools at national, EU and international level
  • A social media campaign raising awareness among female workers about mobbing and harassment
  • A final closing event
  • 1 project website containing all the project outputs